About Us


G’day, and welcome to the Bite Sized Breaks blog! We’re Jac and Chris, an Aussie couple who moved to the American Midwest in November 2017 for exciting opportunities, including a job for Jac. After a whirlwind six months, we packed up our entire lives for the big change from our beachside suburb of Adelaide to the cornfields of Illinois.

While work is our primary purpose for being here, we also want to explore as much as we can while we’re on this side of the world. We both love to travel, and we’re excited to use the time working over here to visit many new places, but we don’t want to significantly cut into work time or take huge swathes of leave. From this seemingly impossible challenge, bite-sized breaks was born. Basically, our plan is to take regular small (i.e. bite sized) trips in North America and beyond, with the occasional longer trip further afield. We’ll blog about these tiny trips, particularly their triumphs and inevitable failures, while we go from being novice to (hopefully one day) experienced mini-breakers.

But wait, you can’t really get to know a place in only two days, right? This is true, but it’s not what this blog is about. We’ll get our feel for a place and share our thoughts on it, with the hopes that it might inspire at least one person to visit it on their own bite-sized break. That said, our trips will be heavy on our personal travel interests, which include food and drink, hiking and nature, and vaguely nerdy science attractions. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.